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get out of yourself

Some people, clearly impossible to love, but still entangled. Some things, clearly know no results, but still happened. The original when a person is sad, he didn't want to say anything. Don't want to listen to explain, don't want to argue, don't even want to think about it. Own good strong, always think so. Good happiness, all the time said to himself. What good affirmation, as if they will have. In this way, has been down... Wearing headphones, the sound in the biggest, repeated listening. "you must be happy." To now I just know, original yourself as before, never changed. Just, less hysteria, less dispute. Maybe, this is the best!!!! When everything clear, TongTongTouTou, and what do you mean? Occasionally sad is good, sad, will naturally understand some things, will naturally grow up fast. Maybe, sometimes, the person who hurt your heart oneself also didn't mean to do it, but he may not know, he's a careless move, sometimes even can shake one's persistence. Sad, just tears slipped off. Weak people, only can only use tears to soothe their broken hearts. Have been said to himself: "your heart is very powerful!" But, every time, when I feel sad, I want to still is alone, as if they are still a man. What time, I can really go to rely on a person, like rely on their own? Sometimes, really good lonely, although there are many people around you. A lot of time, oneself all thought they were just a shadow, nothing really can go hand in hand. Many times I would think, what makes me so lonely? Exactly why am I so lonely? Finally, can only give yourself an answer: get out of yourself!
20.3.14 09:27


You are my all

Often wake up the middle of the night The lonely dream He chose to leave From that day on I found myself Don't want to have a future Over the summer will not come back again Still sentimentally attached to a clear Time buried Still do not understand love can be replaced Confused I dare not stretch hand to love I think I will revenge but I didn't To be loved is the luxury of happiness But you never care One's whole life in the past Every little bit of abandonment Occasionally turned up Turn up the story between you and me A segment of memory Memory has no meaning Perhaps separate is not easy May be deeply attached to each other can not A section of the feelings of the end You are my all
10.1.14 10:58


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